8 Foods That Are Shockingly Good For You

Most of you might think that to start eating healthier, they have to give up all of the trash food that you enjoy the most! You couldn’t be more wrong with that assumption!

A lot of junk food have health benefits that you might not know about, and in this article we are going to share 8 foods that are shockingly good for you.

8 Candy Extends Lifespan

lollipops-602441_640One day, a bunch of scientists decided that they should give children candy, and lots of it, and see what happened. The results of this experiment showed that the children who ate sugar candy ended up healthier, weighed less and were at a lower risk of heart disease.

Go order some candy!

But before you do, I must tell you that a different study found that the effects change over time and not for the better. Adults that ate candy regularly weighed more than those who didn’t, but the study found that they lived up to one year longer.

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